I have been confined to this wheelchair for too long! Since Sept. 28th, 2017, to be exact. Now that I have been walking a small amount with my walker, after months and months of intensive physical therapy, I am getting my hopes up that I will be able to walk normally before the end of 2022. I may still need a walker and/or a cane or 2 but I think I will be out of this dang wheelchair for good! The biggest problem I am having is my knee pain caused by many things, but the leading culprit is osteoarthritis, and it is a bitch! So, I need to lose about 40-45 pounds which should drop me about 2 clothing sizes. I currently wear a 5x in “Hot Topic” brand clothing and the goal is to fit into a 3x by them. I don’t use scales and I don’t use measuring tapes, but I will use some clothing I already have in my possession and when they fit, I think I will be light enough to make my knees feel the relief they are begging me to feel. This has nothing to do with looks as I don’t think 40-45 pounds will make me look any different and because I am quite happy with most of my looks. I want my hair longer and I want better skin, but those things take time, and they will happen eventually. I have gotten myself a microdermabrasion kit and I have stopped cutting my hair, so there ya go! I also wanna join Smile Direct Club as my top teeth are starting to spread a bit. I don’t think there is anything wrong with wanting to look the best you can possibly look, as long as you are happy along the way because any change, when it comes to personal looks, is a journey. If you are depressed the whole time, your results will not be what they should be and even if they are, you won’t be happy with them.
So, the plan is to add a little more exercise daily to my regular physical therapy and to completely cut out sweets, butter, and dairy from my diet. Hopefully these things will be enough to get me on the track to running the Boston Marathon…or at least walking around Target. ?
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I love melons! The kind you eat ya pervs... :-) I am eating a bowl of cantaloupe right now. Not as juicy as I feel it should be, but still pretty good. I need to get some honey dew and some watermelon, and maybe some red grapes and pineapple. I want a nice, juicy, spring time, fruit salad. Doesn't that sound yummy?! Fruit is one of those things that never fill me up, but always taste so yummy! I wish there was a fruit that made me feel like I just ate a big bowl of pasta. Gluten always makes me feel full, but it also makes me feel tired and makes my stomach hurt like a mother trucker!
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